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Non Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood Dams

Non Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood Dams

Non Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood Dams
Non Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood DamsNon Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood DamsNon Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood DamsNon Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood DamsNon Woven Water Absorbing Flood Control Bags Used for Flood Dams
CategoriesSAP For Industry
Unit PriceUS $ 2.6-2.99 / kilogram
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Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time2021-09-28
Detail Information

The water swellable bag is a kind of flood protection product, made of a polymer water-retaining agent as the base substance for solid water expansion, pre-filled with a double-layer woven fabric with high water permeability. Based on the world's leading scientific concept of "water blocking water", our company has a product of national invention with independent intellectual property rights - polymeric water-expanding agent, which uses this agent to swell and harden quickly in water, and the water absorption rate is up to several hundred time characteristics are produced. The application of the desiccant expansion bag is designed to prevent flooding and quickly prevent leaks in case of floods or dams. The product is small in size and light in weight. It can be folded like a normal cloth bag. It is easy to transport and store, it is easy to operate, it expands quickly and the weight increases rapidly, it does not need to rely on sand and sand, and it replaces sandbags in the event of emergency floods. Expansion Pack Water Absorbent Material: 1. The water absorbent material of this product is a polymeric chemical that can expand quickly 80-100 times after absorbing water. 2. Submerge a 420 gram absorbent bag in water for 3-5 minutes to gain 18 to 20 kg. 3. After expansion, the suction bag can support 150kg.

        According to traditional flood prevention and rescue methods in the past, whenever there are floods and floods such as dam breaks and other hazards, the bags are usually filled with sand and sand to block the dams. This soil method requires filling sandbags, and then the sand is heavy. It takes a long time to transport labor continuously, and now the urbanization process is accelerating. In many developed regions there is a lack of mud and sand resources. This is often a good opportunity for flood control and rescue. Small hazards lead to major accidents.

        The obvious benefits of emergency water absorbent expansion bags are flood containment by floods, improved scientific and technical content of flood control materials, and the effectiveness of disaster relief. The water-absorbing expansion pack is a new kind of high-tech product, which is made of new high-tech water-absorbing material as a filler. In case of water hazard, 420 grams of desiccant expansion bag is immersed in water for 3-5 minutes and immediately converted into a 20 kg emergency expansion bag, which can immediately effectively control flooding and clogging. The product is easy to operate, easy to transport, expands quickly, and quickly increases in weight. It does not need to rely on sand and soil, and it has a low labor intensity. It can be widely used for flood prevention and rescue, dam leakage, wave and erosion prevention, and overflow prevention. On-site testing of water absorbent expansion bags is 9 times faster than sandbags. They can only be performed by one person at a time. Labor intensity has been significantly reduced. It can be widely used for flood control and emergency rescue, dam leakage, flooding and inundation, engineering interception, hidden trenches and clogging of dark holes, elimination of waves and erosion, temporary reinforcement of protective dams, and temporary construction of flood defenses such as watertight fences can also be used for temporary structures such as typhoon flooding, drainage, water retention in garage workshops, bridge construction and soil collapse prevention. The desiccant expansion bag is as light as a regular cloth bag, can be folded and stored, and can be folded like a traditional sand bag, but easier to use, handle and store than a sand bag.

        Emergency bags to prevent flooding 3-5 minutes after water ingress, because the polymer SAP absorbs water and expands, the expansion bag weight reaches about 20 kg, which provides a special water control effect, and the efficiency is 9 times higher than traditional sand filling. The flood prevention emergency bag is small in volume and light in weight before absorbing water. One expansion bag weighs only 500g, and the packing volume of every 40 pieces is only 0.07 cubic meters, which is convenient for storage and transportation. The materials used for flood control expansion bags are mainly cotton bags, sacks and superabsorbent resin. Cotton bags, bags are attached to the soil and eventually become humus

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